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The great experience of improving the CX

These are 4 things I enjoyed when redesigning a great Customer Experience. It's not easy and might be frustrating at times. The trick is to remember that we are all customers and we all want great products, services and experiences.

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From good to great experiences

I previously wrote about how hard it was to rethink and redesign our CX strategy. Sometimes teams within the company are not aligned, or they do not know what customer experience means to the business. Barriers and frustrations oftentimes precede great insights.

We broke down the customer journey into different sessions where different teams were called in for their insights and observations. So, for example, since the first step in our customer funnel was "Awareness", the teams involved in this first phase were called in and asked several questions. We wrote everything down that we needed to know from their end and made them aware of what was currently happening on the client's end. This gave way to a great company conversation about improving every step of the way our CX.

Here are 4 things that made redesigning a CX a fulfilling experience:

1. The atomic habit of placing the customer first

This is one of the most difficult things we achieved, because it meant installing a new mindset. After carrying out these sessions, we found out we managed to embed automatic habits in the minds of our teammates. Such as always thinking, "Alright, how is this new thing we just decided on, going to impact our customer in this step of their journey–is it positive or negative? " and, "Does this thing really solve what we know to be a pain?"

2. Area specific goals are enriched with a CX angle

Regardless of the area our team belonged to–from Customer Support to IT and Finance–everyone realized it made sense to act on the Customer Experience no matter what their area goals were, because in the end, their efforts either added value to the customer, or took away from a great experience. Everyone had something to add or something to propose. It is also noteworthy that this presented an opportunity to reevaluate OKRs and KPIs where needed.

3. Mapping the CX informs all stakeholders about their impact

Customer Experience is a team sport. And when each area and every stakeholder gets to know their direct impact on the Customer Experience, everyone recognizes the need for a collective push. It might take someone in IT to work on a better reporting, someone in Operations to work around

a more efficient delivery process or someone in marketing to provide better content. Everyone can make a difference and a Customer Journey proves that.

4. The importance of feedback and CX metrics

We were always informed about the Q's numbers: Revenue, new clients, AOV, and other very interesting commercial indicators. But we had never paid attention to CX metrics, like Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction and even Employee Engagement, until we took a look at the bigger picture. At the end of the day, efforts are very intertwined and good results are a collective effort.

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