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Why Experience governs it all?

Experience design should be everybody's forte. Why? Better experiences: better life. Read on.

If we set business aside, just for an instant, we can assert that the value of human experiences cannot be easily calculated. Having a nice, healthy and untroubled childhood will result in having good confidence, or the right values in the long run. But how about having a lonely, at times bullied or misunderstood infancy? It could translate into growing introverted, more cautious, but a perhaps, a bit more empathic adult. Every situation has its consequences, both positive ones, or negative ones. As adults, we have the responsibility to build a a good life experiences for ourselves, and to be part of others'. As parents, we have the responsibility to provide the right conditions for our kids' blooming..

As active players in the world economy, we take responsibility in designing the best practices, processes and products. We are still, regardless of what we do, the position we have or the industry we work in, responsible for designing experiences for others, for our companies, for the customers and for the future. It goes beyond marketing, or training. It goes beyond a journey on paper, or a spreadsheet with pain points. It is about understanding how we can contribute to a better, more enjoyable, easier life.

As I unveil small and large secrets of what is constantly overlooked by even the best players, we will study cases of great experiences and those who might fall flat. Maybe even those who have it really wrong.

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